Jack Extravaganza

On Sunday the 21st, Jack turned four! I can’t believe it’s been four whole years of Jack already! This year, because of bad weather, Jack couldn’t come over for his birthday, so my mom did a party for both birthday and Christmas this past Sunday. Man was he excited about all the fun gifts he got from everyone! We gave him a blue sword that lights up and makes sounds. It is just like his coveted red sword that has become infamous for how much he loves it. I wasn’t sure if he would also like the red sword’s blue cousin, but when he opened the paper and gasped, “OH MY GOSH,” I knew we had done well.

We also gave him a robot that walks, talks, lights up, and spins around. Man…he was excited!
Not unlike the red sword he got from my mom earlier that week for his birthday, the blue sword didn’t get too far out of his sight while he opened other gifts.
He had a great time playing and giggling with my mom that day! She is such a good grandma! She even tried out his new guns!
When it was time for cake, Jack was excited to get a Sponge Bob ice cream cake. “I love Sponge Bob,” he told me. Well good!
He blew those four candles out like a champ and we all shared cake. I think birthday number 4 went pretty well! Next Christmas there will be one more grandkid to spoil!

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