Christmas Continues….

Christmas continued this afternoon with lunch at my Grandpa and Grandma Riemersma’s house. After a delicious spread of tasty treats (hmmm…this “spread of tasty treats” is becoming quite the theme of our Christmas fun isn’t it?), we all settled into the living room for…you guessed it…more presents!

Cortney got a collection of Loony Tunes cartoons. He was surprised because it wasn’t on his list. He had forgotten that he wanted it, so it was pretty fun for him.

I got a sewing machine from Grams and Gramps. Now I will have to learn to hem pants and do fun crafts. It’s a little intimidating because I don’t really know how to use a sewing machine. I used my mom’s ancient one a zillion years ago, but it didn’t work out for me. She had said that if I tried a new one, I would probably get the hang of it, but I had been too chicken. I finally sucked it up and put it on my Christmas list this year deciding that because I am now going to be a mom, I should learn to hem things. So, Grams and Gramps have helped me start this new adventure!
It’s always fun to go to the Grandparents’s house on Christmas because we don’t really see this side of the family that often. It’s fun to see how everyone is doing and how big the kids are getting.
After The Riemersma side party, it was time to wrap Christmas up at my parents’s house. My dad recently turned a back patio into a four season room. Mom thinks the Christmas tree looks so nice in there, so that is where it moved from it’s traditional location of the living room. As you can see, Santa gets a little wild at the Riemersma house. Apparently we are just so dang good all year he can’t resist! There were so many gifts we couldn’t sit in the room with the tree! Mom figured out a pretty good strategy of round-robin gift opening, so it worked out just fine.
And so it began for the last time…Chris was excited to open the framed Pearl Jam poster from his siblings. He is just beginning his framed collection. The people in the framing department at Michael’s are starting to know Cort and me as “the Pearl Jam people” because we have so many posters framed there. To be fair, besides all the Pearl Jam posters, we have gotten two REM posters framed there too.
Dad got a meat grinder from all of us kids. I’m not sure what sort of meat he intends to grind with said meat grinder, but hey, he’ll have fun doing it. I am not sure I am so excited to sample it though.
Chris, Mike, and Ashley bought Cort and me Guitar Hero for Cort’s new wii along with a guitar. we are pretty excited to hook that sucker up and play! We have gotten pretty dang good at the Guitar Hero we have for our PS2, if I do say so myself, so we are super excited to crank this mother out too!
Mom and dad enjoyed their framed picture of Sluiter Nation. I mean, who wouldn’t? Best gift ever, if you ask me.
Oh and mom just loved her shoes from us. She even modeled them. Ooo La la!
One of the most exciting gifts of the night was Cortney’s. He opened a box of magazines that also included a note that led him downstairs to my dad’s workroom. And there it was….a brand new Schwinn! He was like a kid on Christmas morning with that thing! Mom even added a big red bow for effect. He admitted he never had a new Schwinn before, so he was pretty dang excited. Now if all the snow would just melt so he can take it for a spin….maybe he’ll have to wait til spring.
Christmas was so fun this year! We had oodles of fun with all of our family and we hope everyone enjoyed their gifts from us. We for sure are thankful for such a great family that can all get together and enjoy each other’s company as well as be financial stable enough in this scary economy to give gifts of love to each other. Gifts aren’t the reason for the season, but knowing we can give makes us so happy. We look forward to next weekend when we can share love and fellowship with the final part of our family, the Sluiter side. We also have some get togethers with friends coming up that we are excited for.
God Bless everyone this holiday season…now, go hug your mom! 🙂

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  1. framed posters rock. period. good work.