A White Chrismas For Sure

For those of you who live in Michigan, you know what the weather has been like for the past week! For those of you who may have only heard from the lovely people at the Weather Channel, here are some visuals for you.

Thursday, the buzz around school was that we were going to get to start break a day early because of all the snow we were going to get Friday night. As some colleagues and I sat in an East Town bar after school, we talked about how great it would be to have the next day off…as we watched zero flakes fall from the sky.

Despite the snow earlier in the evening, it began to pour snow late Thursday night and school was indeed closed on Friday! And boy howdy did it snow! We probably got around 8-10 inches at our house and the plows didn’t go through until Saturday morning at 10:30! Saturday was great and both Cort and I ventured out of the house.

Sunday, more weather literally blew in! We were under a blizzard warning, and blizzard did we get! Check out these photos! We probably got another foot of drifting snow. In between our neighbors bushes and the lamp post is supposed to be the cable box, but we got so much snow, you can barely see it!
Yesterday we got some more snow…hey…where did our mailbox go?
Bless his heart, Cortney tries to keep up with the buckets of snow we keep getting. It’s past knee-deep at this point. Cort joked that if we threw the cat on the deck, he would drown because it’s way taller than he is!
Maybe that is why I found Louis next to the heater in the bathroom this morning. He is avoiding all things cold and snow!
As I write this, we are getting even more snow and the news is consistently telling us that travel conditions are deteriorating. We know many of our friends and family are traveling in the next few days and we wish them safety in this yucky weather! As for me, since the plows haven’t gone through again since Saturday, I am sitting home, nursing a cold, and just trying to relax since I can’t get out of the subdivision in my little Cavalier!

Merry Christmas from Sluiter Nation!

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  1. It’s snowing in the D, too– but we do not have quite as much as the West siiiiiiiide. Love the snow!!! Dreaming of a white Christmas. =)