The Excitement of Election Day!

Today I took the day off. Not because it was election day, but because I was up WAY too late grading and I was feeling terrible.

A little begrudgingly I decided to check my email to make sure my inbox wasn’t getting out of control. I was greeted with updates of how all of my friends’ voting experiences were going. Normally, this would be boring, but since all of our friends live in different states, it was quite amusing.

For instance, Phil and Liz live in South Carolina and voted in a double-wide with an antique tractor pull in sight. BUT they DID have touchscreen voting. Erin and Brad, who live in North Dakota, voted a while ago because almost everyone in the state votes absentee due to the fact that each county only has one poling station. Mat, in Chicago, walked to the end of his block where there is an elementary school and took 3 minutes to get all over with, while most of our friends had long waits (including Erin P on the east side even at 7:00 am!)

I waited for Cort to get home from work today to vote. We voted at Community Reformed Church around 4:30. I think the think took a total of 10 minutes. They do scantron forms here (like the ACT in high school).

Overall, I feel really good about voting today! I am excited to watch the results tonight and hope my candidates all win, of course!

If you haven’t already, you still have an hour…GO VOTE!!!!

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