Christmas Cookies…Before Thanksgiving?

We know it’s a little early, but we couldn’t resist making Christmas cookies with Jack today. After a morning of Christmas shopping, my mom, Chris, and Jack decided it was time to bake some cookies. So Mike and Ashley and I came over to help. As usual, it was a non-stop laugh-a-thon!

Chris and Mike gave Jack the lesson that there is NO such thing as TOO much candy on a Christmas cookie, and proceeded to chastise Ashley and me for putting to few items on our cookies. So I gave up and helped mom frost.
I think Ashly was amused at how much Mike could fit on his cookie. I am pretty sure he got one of EVERYTHING on it!

Mike and Chris both ate almost half of what they decorated. From where mom and were in the kitchen, we kept hearing, “I think I’ll eat this one.” Then, of course, Chris complained that we didn’t make enough cookies. Good grief!
I just know Jack had a GREAT time! He certainly learned to load on the candy. I think he’s got WAY more blue sprinkles than that cookie can hold! He’s a quick learner!
Hopefully we will have time at least one more time before Christmas to do this again!

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