Who Wants to Get Crazy?

This weekend we spent time with friends and family doing fun fall things.

Saturday, we were going to go with Chris and Jack and the Visels to Cranes Orchard, but the weather really didn’t cooperate. Instead, we had a quick lunch at Culver’s and headed over to Crazy Bounce in Holland. Chris and Jack had been there before, but for the rest of us, this was a whole new experience. I had no idea what to expect, but I know I DIDN’T expect to have as much fun as I did!

Everything in Crazy Bounce is inflatable. Jake and Jack grabbed their respective dads and went straight for the HUGE slides! Here is Jake and Ben sliding down the Alligator slide!

Joe even found a place he could have crazy fun!
I don’t think Cort expected to have this much fun either. Here he is laughing after watching Chris and Jack go through the obstacle course.
Jack is telling us what he wants to do next. MAN did that kid have a TON of energy! I had no idea how he could crawl up those huge things so fast, zip down the slide, and then RUN to the next thing! I just wanted to rest!
yeah, I was NOT so awesome at the obstacle course. Chris is behind me pushing me on the butt telling me, “Kate, you are too much for me! You have CLIMB!” How do these kids DO this?
Jack just flies over it like it’s no big deal. DANG!
Cortney gave the course a try himself. Not so easy, is it?
Trisha decided to try to the velcro wall. That suit is really quite attractive. Too bad it was too old and didn’t stick to the wall so well!
Jake and Jack found the ball pit and had TONS of fun in there too!
Last ride down the slide for Chris before it’s time to go!
But before we get back in the car, Jack had to try out the submarine ride.
and so did Jake!
Everyone came back to our house to hang out and watch the MSU/U of M game (Go State, by the way! Whoot, whoot!), and Jake just had to take a little nap…so much fun was had!
Today, we had lunch, birthday, and pumpkin fun at Mother Kim’s house. We had a GREAT dinner of lasagna followed by apple crisp. We also took a minute to celebrate Kim and Cody’s birthdays (which are this Thursday and Friday respectively). After dinner it was time for our traditional sibling pumpkin carving!

We all grabbed our pumpkins that Kim bought for us and headed down stairs!
Who gave me a sharp knife? Not a good idea!
Check out my jack-o-lantern. He is a little crooked and slow looking, but he’s loveable!
Cortney blew everyone away with his carving talents as usual!

Dave had a whole plan this year…he even brought a stencil! He was NOT messing around! He ended up creating the Obama symbol. It was pretty sweet!
Mom steps back to check out her own handiwork.
While Kenz carefully carves her pumpkin.

After the carving, we all posed for our annual picture! Check out all those fun jack-o-lanterns!
We had so much fun with our family and friends this weekend! We can’t wait until Friday when we get to see costumes and give out candy! Happy Halloween!

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  1. dude! we went to Crazy Bounce for Gwen’s bday in KZoo! you should see the size of my burn on my elbow, and I screamed like a little …alienlovechild…when I went down my first slide…Presley? not so much into it. Audrey loved it. and you?? ps- please tell me what you think of all of my latest shoots already woman!!