Homecoming 2008!!!

Another school year equals another homecoming! Along with Marcia, my partner in crime (aka the other senior class adviser), I think we planned out a pretty darn good half time! The festivities started around 5:00 at Lamar Park. Marcia was already directing traffic when I got there! Marcia and I have the big job of finding six convertibles for our senior members of homecoming court. We ended up getting a couple cars from a dealership again this year, and so Cortney was a driver again–this year in a Saab. He drove Shelby and Bryan, our master and mistress of ceremonies. Clearly, as you can see in the picture, just Shelby rode in the car for the parade. Bryan is a football player, so he didn’t get in the car until halftime–and then I was too busy directing the ceremony to take any pics!
There I am having a pow wow with some of the members of court so they know what to do at half time!
Our opponent for the evening was Zeeland East…it was good to see the old brown and gold again…and hear those cowbells ringing from the guest bleachers! But I wore my Royal and White proudly, don’t worry!!! Apparently all that blue and white viking pride went a long way because we got our first win of the season…against one of the most difficult teams! I’m so proud of our kids!!! GO PARK!!!!
Cort and I had a good time during the first half of the game, but once halftime was over, I felt that my 13 hour day needed to come to and end, so I drove on home.
It’s all over again! Until next year, anyway! Go Park! Park PRIDE!!!

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