What Summer Was Made For…

Today was one of those days you feel like summertime was created for. I started the day by hitting the Holland Farmer’s Market with my mom. We both bought some fresh veggies and some really pretty gladiolas. Mom also bought some Amish bread and I bought some summer sausage. After the market, Chris invited me to go to the beach with him and Jack. As we were walking down the boardwalk, I spotted my aunt Barb coming toward us! She and uncle Mark were there as well as the rest of the camping group! What fun! The waves were ENORMOUS–topping out at 3-5 feet! They even switched the flag from yellow to red….we went in anyway because Jack LOVES waves and water!

It was pretty breezy, so Jack got a little chilly when he got out of the water. He tried to warm up in a bundle of towel while he watched Shayla crawl around in the warm sand.
Then it was time to bury Jack…his favorite sandy pasttime!
Of course, we had to bury daddy too…everyone thought that was fun! Jack espeically liked aunt Sandy’s idea of pouring water on dad! Ha!

Who’s in charge now? Then it was time to rinse off in the lake…so more wave jumping had to happen!

Man, did Jack LOVE to swim with his dad! He and Chris were out there for a pretty long time!
After the beach, Chris thought he better treat us to ice cream. Jack and I NEVER say no to ice cream! Jack got mint chocolate chip because Captain Sundae didn’t have blue moon–his first choice.
Like father, like son!
After I dropped Chris and Jack off at my parents’ house, I went to my mom-in-law’s house to meet her and Cort at the pool. More swimming was done there! This was one of those PERFECT days that wasn’t too hot and not too breezy…everything was, well, perfect! It was all the good stuff about summer…a great way to start August!

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