Vacation Part 2: The Toledo Zoo

For the second part of our vacation, we decided to take an extra day and spend the night in Toledo on the way home so that we could go to the zoo. I had looked it up online before we went and found out they had polar bears and hippos…that was what pretty much sealed the deal. It seems like it doesn’t matter where we go on vacation, Cort and I will find a zoo or an aquarium to visit. For not liking nature, I sure do like to look at it in a controled environment…you know, where it can’t reach out and bite me. So anyway, here is a tour of our zoo visit! Cortney is a wee bit shorter than a polar bear, apparently. Check out these sleeping bears…they sleep in the same position as our cat….

who, by the way, looks a lot like this tiger, only smaller and not orange.
Cort found the penguins…his favorite animal.
The hippaquarium! That was the exhibit I had been looking forward to, and of course, the darn things were eating lunch instead of swimming, but at least I got him to smile for the camera!
Check out the elephant on my shoulder….ahhhh!!!
Cortney keeps an eye on the meercat who is keeping an eye on…well…who knows what!

OUCH! This T-rex has my arm!!!!

Coal-y Toledo! That’s a BIG piece of coal…now, how can we get that home to our grill?
We found out Cortney is not as big as an ape either.
Check out Cortney’s hooters. And my new friends, the fake bears.
Here are all of our “souveniers” from our trip: 15 bottles of wine (from 7 different NY wineries) and my hip hop hippo, Huyie.

We had SO much fun on our trip! We can’t WAIT to visit Phil and Liz once they are settled in South Carolina, but we will miss the wine tours!

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