Fun on the Fourth!

Ok, don’t be scared off by this first picture…I promise the rest get better! 🙂

The Fourth of July is when the marina always throws Slippery’s Pig Roast–named after and started by Cort’s dad. Last year we were out of the state for the fourth, so this year we made sure to be there! Cort even got up at 6:00 am to go to the “lighting” of the pig and drink a Busch Light toast to his dad. Don’t worry, he came home and went right back to bed! We went back to the marina around 5:00…just in time to watch them finish up the pig and start carving him.
Chas, our top chef this year, tasted a great big ol’ hamhock to make sure it was edible for the customers. mmmmm!

Later, after the feast, the Swanbergs invited us to watch the fireworks from their boat. They didn’t have to ask us twice! We LOVE boatrides! So we all piled on the boat to putz out to Kollen Park for the show! Jake really was more excited than he looks here.
Jason captained the boat while Cort rode up top with him. The rest of us enjoyed each other’s company on the back.
There’s Ben on the bow. Looks like it could have been a Titanic moment…but it wasn’t. He was just helping get us anchored.
Jake and I had good times while we waited for the fireworks to start. I can’t remember what was so funny, but we clearly got a good laugh out of it!
Trisha and I love to hang out…so this was perfect! Lots of good times and laughs were had last night!

Cortney enjoyed being on a boat again too. Here we are trying to capture the setting sun behind us without looking too goony!
LOTS of boats drove out to Kollen Park for the fireworks show. I even found out my parents were out there on their friends’ boat too! Small world…er, lake! Kollen Park was PACKED with people too! You could see them all huddled together from where we were!
When the fireworks started, Trisha and Ben took Jake out on the bow. Leone and Cort went too, and since I was a big chicken about walking out there, they made me do it. I am glad I sucked it up because the show was DEFINITELY better from out there! And Jake clearly loved it. I was trying to get him to look at the camera, but he was too fixed on the fireworks!
This picture clearly doesn’t do the show justice. It was so fun to watch them from the boat and we appreciate the Swanbergs and the Visels letting us come along! It was good times with VERY good friends!

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