A Day With Jack

I haven’t had as many Wednesdays with Jack this year due to the busy summer I’ve had, but today we finally had a really nice day for the beach. I picked up the ole boy this morning around 7:30 a.m. We came home and Jack had the idea to make chocolate chip cookies “to surprise uncle Curly at lunch.” I thought this was a good idea, so we made the cookies. Jack liked my little step ladder because he could “check on” them a lot! After a little lunch, we headed for the beach. Jack helped aunt Sandy with the tent.
We did a bunch of swimming! The waves were HUGE–just like Jack likes them! He was a machine in those waves, taking a few face-fuls of water. I guess all the swimming made him one hungry boy! He would not even share his cheetos with me! Dang!
Rachel and Shayla came to the beach too! Jack really liked Shayla’s hat…and her tent…and her toys…
But nothing beats his motor boat! That thing put on a LOT of miles today!
We don’t look so snazzy after a face-ful of water, do we? We had to take a while to dry out before being able to get in the car.

I asked Jack what he felt like when the waves hit him in the face….this was his description:
Ah the motor boat again…did we even BRING other toys? He liked to show Shayla how it worked, since she brought a row boat…not nearly as fast, as Jack explained.
Of course we had to bury him. He LOVES the sand…so much so that when we would get out of the lake, he would immediately roll around in the sand and then plop down on the towel. So much for keeping the sand off the towel.
Jack was really good at playing with his second cousin, Shayla…they had BIG fun today!
On the way home from the beach, Jack was already talking about going again…he missed “Kissy Lizzy” this time, and he hopes grandma will come next time too!

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