Happy Father’s Day!

Cort and I would like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! We are very thankful to our dad’s for teaching us all the things that our mom’s didn’t…like how to walk through the kitchen without taking our shoes off at the door (use the rugs to shuffle along), or if you get a large enough mug for you beer, you won’t have to refill it nearly as often as everyone else (like at marina happy hours). Dads are always good for the small little lessons in life.
Dads–at least ours–also have impeccable taste in music. Both Cort and I can remember family trips in the car where we used to listen to oldies on a continuous loop. We both grew up on The Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, and any pretty much anything on 107.3. I will always think of my dad when I hear “Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees” by The Monkees and Cort will always associate “Cracklin’ Rosie” by Neil Diamond to his pops.
I think we both get our senses of humor from our dad’s as well. People are always saying how much Cort is like his dad, and I noticed my mom rolls her eyes the same way about my jokes as she does about my dad’s…although she really doesn’t refer to them as “jokes.” hmmm.
Anyway, Father’s Day gives us an extra reason to thank ALL our dads (Tom, Steve, and Ray)…and those who have stepped in and given us “fatherly” advice and help in the past years. Whenever we have a project there is no shortage of “dads” to let us know what they would do or what they heard works best!
Thanks to all of you and we hope you enjoy your day!!!
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Just a small town girl...wait no. That is a Journey song. Katie Sluiter is a small town girl, but she is far from living in a lonely world. She is a middle school English teacher, writer, mother, and wife. Life has thrown her a fair share of challenges, but her belief is that writing through them makes her stronger.