Sand in the Hole

As many of you know, this has been the scene in our backyard for quite some time (well, at least seven months). There has been talk of a patio under our deck for awhile now, and many of you ask how it’s going. We always chuckle, because this is how it is going. However, Thursday, something miraculous happened. Cort got 5 yards of filler sand delivered to our house! He stopped by the place on Waverly across from Ice Cream Junction, and found out it was far less money than he origianlly thought it would be, so Thursday night, as I sat in the garage, up drove a big truck and dumped a load of sand in the unfinished part of our lawn.
Clearly Cort was excited about the new chore he had of moving the sand to the back hole.
Whew! Hard at work! It’s mostly filled now. With the rain we got over the last couple days, Cort is waiting for it to become less soupy so he can smooth it out and fill in more if it has settled.
The next step will be framing it in and then my dad will come over and mix up some concrete! People, we may have a patio for the June 29th party after all! Maybe we will have to change it from a graduation party for me to a patio completion party for Cort! Stay tuned!

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