Prom 2008

So we all remember our proms from high school, right? I do. They really weren’t that fun. I went to three proms, and for all of them I either didn’t like my dress (because it was someone elses’s before me), didn’t like my hair (too “cute”), or didn’t like my date (didn’t we break up?). The best thing about prom when I was in high school was that for my junior and senior year, most of my graduating class came to my house for pictures before the prom. That is pretty much where the excitement ended.

One of the perks of being a high school teacher is being able to chaperone the prom. I love to go to prom over the other school dances for a couple of reasons. One, prom is just for juniors and seniors, so the maturity level is a little better (at least in theory). Second, prom is not at the high school (this year it was at DeVos Place in GR), so the kids feel a little more grown up and special and act that way. Third, it is WAY more fun to go to than my proms were! I like my dress, I liked my hair (thanks, Rach!), and I LOVE my date! Check out the ‘do…Rachel did a super job on it!

Because I am the senior class advisor, this year I got all the seniors together to take a class picture. What a good looking group! The dresses this year were some of the most tasteful and pretty dresses I’ve seen since I started teaching. I think I only saw two or three questionable dresses. Even the boys looked nicer this year than in the past. When we left around 10:15, there were even boys who still had their jackets on! Not bad!
Cort and I had a very nice time at Wyoming Park’s 2008 Prom! I can’t wait to see all the pictures students took with me when they show me on Monday!

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