Happy Birthday, Louis!

Today is also Louis’ 14th bday–yes, I know that is a seven in his bday treat…I didn’t have a one or a four. BUT, there is some significance to the seven. Louis was born April 27 of 1994. My mom and dad kept saying no to me getting one of my high school boyfriend’s kittens. Then my mom went to Mark’s openhouse with me and SAW the kittens. She finally caved and Louis, the runt of the litter, came home with me. I was 16.
Louis lived at my parents’ house through the rest of my high school career and my stay at WMU. When I graduated and moved out of my parents’ house, I took Louis with me as a roommate. So the seven represents the 7 years that Louis has now lived with me! As you can see, he enjoyed his birthday treat with the seven very much!
He spent the rest of his day being lazy with us. Here, he cuddles up to Cortney. Hopefully Louis will be around for another 14 years because I can’t imagine my life without him. He has faithfully listened to all my problems and all my joys without judging me. He even stays up with me at night when I am sick, and knows just how to comfort me with snuggles when I am sad. Aside from the occasional hairball vomit and spite pee (ask Cort about that), he has been the best cat ever! Happy birthday, Lou!

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