"Christmas" With The WMU Girls (and husbands and babies)

Last night marked the 8th annual WMU Girls Christmas Gathering. This year the Meyers opened up their house to us. Whitney did a great job as hostess and I think everyone had a very nice time. (in the picture above: Whitney, me, Erin, Kristin, Tara, and Kim – holding Gwen).

Kristin pointed out that every year since Whitney’s oldest was born 4 1/2 years ago, we have doubled the amount of children at the Christmas party! This year we had FOUR babies born! Craziness! I don’t think we will make it to 16 kids by next year though! The newest arrival was Olivia to Tara and Anton. Cortney and I had to get our baby fix by cuddling her a lot 🙂

Whitney and Tim had Jackson this past summer. He was lots of fun to hold and snuggle too! In fact, all of the Meyers boys really liked me and Cort – we must just be that much fun!

Here I am with Jackson, Lucas, and Reece – it’s like they’ve been trained how to stand when cameras come out. Hmmmm….

We had lots of fun and hope everyone’s travels brought them back safe to their end of The Mitten State.

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