Happy Birthday, Curly

Today was Curly’s 29th birthday! To help him celebrate entering his last year of his twenties, we had quite an extravaganza! We started yesterday with dinner at my mom and dad’s house. Chris and Mike were even there. By Cort’s request my mom made a chicken and rice dish and made a marble (well, sort of marble) cake with chocolate frosting. Don’t worry mom, I won’t blog about the paper stuck on the back of the old candy on the cake.

Then it was gift time – my family gave Cort an ipod – now he may NEVER get off the lawnmower – he will just keep mowing neighbors’ lawns since he can fit our whole library of tunes (which is well in the 12,000 song range) on it. He may get on the lawnmower and never come back!

We continued the fun today. Cort brought doughnuts in to work this morning, and I took him to Jonny Carinos after work. He also opened his gifts from me: a Colts throw with his name embroidered on it and a button down shirt. He really liked the blanket!

After dinner we stopped at Kenzie’s house for some cake and beers. His mom came to “party” with us too, as did Cody and Liz and Dave. More gifts were given: two very nice button down shirts from mom, the first season of Entourage from Kenz and Dave, and a gift certificate to Best Buy from Cody and Liz.
Cort had such a fun birthday. He was especially happy that he got to see most all of his family in the last two days (and have a nice chat with Lynne on the phone today). He thought it was pretty cool that Mike and Chris stuck around yesterday and that Kenz took it upon herself to have us over. He also was pretty geeked that both Cody and Liz could stop in and say hi as well. So much excitement and good food tuckered him out though, and he ended his big day on the couch watching some football. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, cards, and gifts!

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