Sluiter Nation Goes Urban

This past weekend Cort and I headed south for a weekend with our BFF’s, Tonya and Mat. Cort’s best bud, Mat has been living in Chicago for quite a few years now, while my best pal, Tonya and her husband, Jeremy just moved there this school year because Tonya got a teacher’s aid job working for CPS. Since Tonya and Jer are finally settled, we decided that we needed to get the heck out of town!

We arrived Friday night and since Mat has room for visitors, we crashed at his pad. He was an extremely good host – he even let us sleep in his bed while he took the little bed in the “guest room”; plus he makes a mean breakfast!
After a late breakfast on Saturday, we headed out to see some of the city. We thought we were going to see some excitement when we saw a bunch of fire trucks down the road from Mat’s place, but we didn’t even see a trail of smoke.

From there we headed to the train to ride into downtown. Cortney had never been on a train before, so he was excited! Here he is waiting for the train with Mat:
We got off the train downtown and took off on foot from there. We were originally going to go to the Stars Wars exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, but it was sold out – so we decided to go to the Field Museum since none of us had ever been there. We paid a little extra to see special exhibit they had on Maps. It was quite neat. We didn’t have time to see everything they had, but we did see a few of the exhibits. Here I am with a scary gorilla!

Here is Cort with a big, female lion who wants to eat him:

They had a great big dinosaur in the lobby – Jer looked all over for it, but couldn’t find it:
After the museum, we headed out to walk around the city a bit before jumping on the train back to Mat’s neighborhood.

We walked to Millenium Park and saw the big “Bean”.

There were lots of photo opps there – check it out – we’ve BEAN friends with our BFF’s forever 🙂

We had SO much fun in Chicago! It was just what we needed in our stress-filled life – a weekend of fun and relaxation with our most favorite people in the world. Our best friends may live 3 hours away, but at least they live within a mile of each other in a super fun city! This was probably our BEST trip to Chicago yet! Thanks Mat, Tonya, and Jer!

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