Serious Writers Wanted

Check it out, blog fans! I got a new laptop! How sexy is that?!? (Pay no attention to my beat-down hair do and the sweats…it was a long day)

That’s right, my wonderful tech-nerd of a husband ordered and bought me a brand new laptop! Some of you may know that my old Dell decided to explode and die this past spring – ok, it didn’t explode (would have been a LOT cooler if it did), but it did quit working after only a year of owning it. Angry? You bet I was. How about when I heard “no recall”? You wouldn’t have wanted to be near. I may have said things that would make angels cry, but this new one is SOOO much cooler. I couldn’t tell you why it is TECHNICALLY cooler – you’d have to ask Cort that. He gets excited and starts using words like “hardware” and “storage space” and other foreign language-type words. I just know that it is red, it has a matching red mouse, a matching red storage slip thing, and…AND…it is super cool, and I love it!

From the pictures you can notice that I am at the kitchen table. Gone are the days of me being stuck in the back room feeling sorry for my isolated self. That’s right – now I am on the MOVE. This is perfect for working on stuff for school, typing up homework for my grad class, or working at my new job…that’s right, my NEW JOB…as a freelance writer for the Holland Sentinel.
How in the world…? Last spring the Life&Style section of the Sentinel had open application for a pop culture columnist. I applied and sent in a sample column. I did not so much get that position. I wasn’t discouraged, however, and felt that it was just not the right time – no one can deny that a LOT was going on in Sluiter Nation at that time. So I totally forgot about it.
A couple weeks ago, I got an email from the editor of that section saying that because of certain recent circumstances, she was looking for a few freelance writers to do a couple stories a month for the paper, and she remembered me from the spring. I jumped on it! What a cool opportunity! So she sent me a story idea, I sent her my tax info, and last week I found myself interviewing my first subject!
I submitted my story and it is good to go – just waiting on the art (photos) for the story. Once my tax forms are filed and the page designer sets the art and type, they will let me know when it will run in the paper – and I will OF COURSE, pass that info (and the link where it can be read) to you, my faithful readers!
Is there a career change for me in the future? Probably not, but it IS a fun hobby, and it does provide a little extra shoe-shopping money 🙂
If you are in the area, start reading the Life&Style section! If you are not in the area, you can read online at

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  1. Meyers Family says

    RED is the new BLACK – HOT Kates!!! And the husband of the year award goes to……….Cort! Very cool on the freelance thing – sounds like it’s right up your……………..alley!

  2. Oooohh, so I was so confused when I got your email, and then I was like I bet it will be on her blog if she got a new job. I was totally right you got a new job Congrats!!! It’s cool that I know someone who writes for the paper 🙂 I look foward to your future articles it gives me a reason to read the paper other than the comics.

    Liz Ann