Homecoming 2007

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, one of the new responsibilities that I took on this school year was that of one of the senior class advisors. This has been a MUCH better fit for me than student council advisor. I really believe in what the student council does for the school and community, but I just didn’t have fun doing it. So far, being a senior class advisor is a lot of fun! We don’t have as many “events”, but the ones we do are really neat. The first is homecoming court. Homecoming week is always fun, but I never got to really enjoy it because for me, being in charge of everything else for student council (the parade, the dance, the pep assembly) took up my time and took away from the enjoyment. This year I got to have fun with it.

Friday was blue and white day, of course, for Spirit Day. I teach mostly juniors, and they really brought their spirit! I even had one of the two Viking Mascots in class – just because he was a mascot, didn’t mean he got out of my vocab quiz though!

My whole 6th hour was really into spirit day – I was so proud! I just had to take a picture!

Part of my duty for homecoming was the senior homecoming court reps – we have 5 sets of reps and a master and mistress of ceremony. That is 6 couples and that means 6 convertibles I had to find. For the most part, all of the kids on court turned it out and found their own car, I only ended up having to find one – so I called Classic Chevy on 28th street and asked Cortney to drive. As you can see, he didn’t complain too much 🙂 Ken even came along to check out the game…and ride along in the car when Cort picked it up and dropped it back off. I didn’t even get to ride in it since I was too busy directing halftime!

Before the game, Wyoming Park always has a homecoming parade. The band leads and then any athletic group or class that wants to walk in the parade does. The end of the parade is the long line of the 10 convertibles carrying the master and mistress, the freshman reps, the sophomore reps, the junior reps, the 5 sets of senior reps, and the former king and queen. Cort had to lead the whole group with Bryce and Brittney, our master and mistress.

The kids on court this year were so great to work with! We had such an awesome time!
Cortney had to drop the kids off on the track before the game and then drive them around at halftime for the show. I think he had a great time!

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