End of the Summer Blow Out – Busscher Style!

We had our last big summer fun this weekend. Our good friends, Phil Busscher and Liz Chitren got married. They have been together for almost 10 years, so it was about time! The wedding ceremony was held at Phil’s aunt Linda’s house. Cortney and I have been coming out to aunt Linda’s with the rest of our highschool (and later college) friends with Phil and his siblings (Erin and Michael) for parties, bonfires, and beach days since the Busscher clan moved to Zeeland when we were in middle school. It was such a fitting place for Phil and Liz to finally tie the knot!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a wedding. I was up at 8:00 am to get ready to bring my cousin, Rachel out to Linda’s to be the stylist for the day. Liz dubbed me her “solver” for the day and I hope I lived up to my title! Everything seemed to go very well!

Everyone gathered on Linda’s backyard lawn over-looking Lake Michigan to watch the couple get married! It was a very casual affair with many of the guests sipping on beers while moving around to take pictures.

Erin was so happy to see her little brother get married. She giggled through the whole day. I could tell she was very happy for the couple!

Standing up for Liz was her sister, Ann (the maid of honor) and her friend from college, Maude. Phil had his friend, Robb as his best man. The ceremony was quick and intimate – just how Phil and Liz wanted it.

After the ceremony, we all went to Linda’s deck that overlooks the beach for some pictures and to have a couple beers before heading to the reception. Cortney took advantage of being dressed up with a nice background for a picture…

We also made sure to take pictures with our BFFs: Mat and Tonya

After soaking up some of the beautiful day, everyone headed to the Holland Fish & Game Club for the reception. They did such a great job setting up and making it look just like Liz wanted!

The reception was SO fun! Of course we did some drinking – which led to some misbehaving! Erin and Phil’s cousin, Lindsey and I are new friends (ever since Erin’s wedding in June), and were so excited to hang out again. Things just got sillier and more inappropriate as the night went on! I am sure I will get more pictures in the next few weeks from other friends’ cameras. If they are not too out of control, I will add them to this post!

It was such a good time to be able to hang out with our very best friends! It is so rare that we are all together anymore since everyone lives all over the country – Michael and Marina live in New Orleans, Lousiana; Erin and Brad live in Ashley, North Dakota; and Phil and Liz live in Fairport, New York – but when all the Busschers are in town – there is certainly going to be a good party!

Today we were able to head over and see how everyone was fairing after all the fun that was had last night at the reception. We had lunch (Jimmy Johns – Liz’s favorite), watch Phil and Liz open presents, and looked at the pictures we had available. I can’t wait until the next time we are all together again! I miss everyone already!

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